NOVEMBER 9th, 2010

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  1. if by "interesting" you mean loud obnoxious right wing blathering, then yes indeed.

  2. oh no who will I turn to hear rants about bike lanes for hours at a time

  3. I was a regular listener to Marty's show. I agree he was was completely biased in terms of his coverage of bike lanes, and all active transportation this summer/fall - ranting from the perspective of a guy who thinks because car owners pay autopac that they are entitled to roads more than anyone else... I wish he would've done a bit of research into the true cost of driving cars, because our fuel prices and taxation structure does not make car-users pay the true (and much higher) cost associated with building and maintaining infrastructure for automobiles. I'll take him more seriously in that regard when we start paying European -like prices for a litre of petrol.

    Having said where I had a difference with Marty Gold, I have to mention I was a regular listener who thought his coverage of city politics, Manitoba Hydro and provincial politics were leagues above anything else available on the air in this town.

    I'm going to miss that insight and his interviews on issues other than bike lanes. I wish the commercial stations would do a lot more than just parrot news releases.. TGCTS was the best talk radio and current affairs discussion we had in Winnipeg.

    The only silver lining might be I don't have to listen to that Kenny guy anymore.. does he know how to read?

    Lastly, WTF is RRCC thinking in pulling the plug in this way - I just lost a whole lot of respect for RRCC and their Board. The way this was done was the pure opposite of class, and screams callous disregard for their listenership.

  4. Listened to the show regularly, of course I wouldn't say I 100% agree with all of his opinions but many times I appreciated the incite to our civic politics, and found his rants somewhat humorous! What a personality!
    Like any station though, expect people to be moved and switched around. It was a great run and I'm sure Marty will surface on another channel soon.. That's how it goes!

    Lol and yea that Kenny kid made me want to punch someone.

  5. "oh no who will I turn to hear rants about bike lanes for hours at a time"

    LMAO! So true!

    That being said, I do agree that the show could also be interesting, and I do think that Marty did some good work on bringing lesser-known or covered issues to the air. The Upper Fort Garry fiasco is a prime example.

  6. The way this was done stinks of political pressure. I think Marty was a little too obviously anti-NDP in his expressed opinions which is probably what did him in.

    I was also ticked about his alignment with the 'I am the only true climate scientist' Tim Ball.

    But 90% of the issues he raised were dead on and reflected a proper outrage at how co-opted the MSM really was.